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Nick Snape

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Author

Copy of Facebool Weapons of Choice (9).png

A Sci-Fi Action Thriller Series

Join Finn, Zuri and Smith (deceased) and the rest of their rag tag squad as they travel the universe in search of the way home in this pulse-pounding but thoughtful 8 book series

'epic sci-fi creativity that raises the bar for the genre'

A Dark Fantasy Action Series

(with artifice and spirit infused dragons)

In a realm once devoid of magic, the fate of a people rests with Laoch and Sura, and the Gods’ weapons they bear ‒ a thousand years of faith and lies reconciled in a single moment of hope and redemption. With whispers of an ancient evil’s return, they are left reeling by their enemy’s power, one even the Gods’ weapons fear. For cast in iron and spiritfire - here be dragons.

'a riveting start to a new fantasy series from an undeniably skilled storyteller'

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A Sci-Fi Thriller Series

Set on a near future Earth subject to the ravages of 'The Scorching', this series explores the impact of benevolent aliens on a desperate humanity. In the first Joshua Nkosi, vlogger, joker and sea-cop faces terrorists who threaten his comfortable life.

'staggeringly original and timely release from a masterful voice in modern sci-fi'

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