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Nick Snape

Science Fiction Author

Writer of the Weapons of Choice Sci-Fi Series

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Weapons of Choice

Join Finn, Zuri and Corporal Smith (deceased) as they explore new worlds and face hostile Alien Contact during their desperate search for a pathway home, in this thought-provoking, military sci-fi thriller series.


Read the enthralling series that reviewers have described as ‘superlative’, ‘compelling’ and ‘an outstanding piece of sci-fi story telling’.

It may be ‘eccentric, creative, and thought-provoking’ and ‘rich in character development’, but it’s also one heck of a ride.

‘This is a moment in time humanity will never forget. Hostile Contact’

 A sci-fi winner


Good Reads Review

Author Grady Harp

So looking forward to the next turning, sheer escapist Sci fi. Brilliant.


Amazon Customer Review UK

for Hostile Contact

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Hostile Contact: Weapons of Choice Book 1

PRICE DROP $0.99 or £0.99

Always Free on Kindle Unlimited.

$9.99 or £9.99 in paperback

Achieved UK No.1 on Free Kindle Download for First Contact and Colonisation and

USA No.1 on Free Kindle Download for Science Fiction, Space Marine, Exploration and Colonization.

Finn thought he'd seen it all...but no...he had to admit...not quite everything...
There was a big universe out there and it was about to land in his lap.
Just how bad could it be?

Join soldiers Finn, Zuri and Corporal Smith (deceased) as they face a hostile first contact and a desperate struggle for Earth's future when an alien incursion lands slap bang in the middle of Delta Squad's training session-killing indiscriminately. Pitting their squad against the power of alien technology, they struggle for survival until they discover the aliens are more than they seem, and that their technology can be just as deadly in the hands of humans as they unearth the Weapons of Choice.

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Return Protocol: Weapons of Choice Book 2

Price Drop $0.99 or £0.99 

 Always Free on Kindle Unlimited

$9.99 or £9.99 in paperback

Reached USA No.1 for All Science Fiction on Free Kindle Download

If you were eighteen hundred light years from Earth, how far would you go for that one chance to get home?

In this Sci-Fi action thriller Delta squad encounter deadly first contact as use the power of ancient technology to find the way the way back to Earth in this all action, brilliantly paced and character driven sci-fi novel. Exploring a hostile alien world, they face startling revelations, dangerous alien Masters, vicious predators and harrowing missions as they attempt to outsmart and outgun their way to freedom.

Aliens, they are more like us than you think.

Zuri's War: Weapons of Choice Book 3

Price Drop $0.99 or £0.99

Always Free on Kindle Unlimited

$9.99 or £9.99 in paperback

Have you ever wondered what it would happen if you were the Alien that makes First Contact? And what happens if the very people you've come to meet are on another alien's menu? Being eaten alive?
In this Sci-Fi action thriller Finn, Zuri, Noah and Corporal Smith (deceased) face their most fearful opponent yet as they land on a devastated, Haven seeded planet for the first time. On arrival they are thrown immediately into an interspecies war, where the only winner is the last one standing.
As thousands die, Zuri rises to the challenge amongst the city ruins, where the alien swarm descends to feed on the living and the dead.
“Me and mine. We survive.”
So alien or human, don’t get in Zuri’s way.

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Finn's War: Weapons of Choice Book 4

Out Now at $3.99 or £3.99  and always free on Kindle Unlimited

$12.99 or £10.99 in paperback

If you had the power to genetically alter yourself, would you? Even if it meant others died under the knife for your pursuit of perfection? Would you? Could you?
A superb Sci-Fi A=action thriller where Finn, Zuri, Noah and Corporal Smith (deceased) face the most horrifying alien of all - humans. While searching for the SeedShip on the advanced human planet Togalaau Vai, Zuri is hurled into the world's seedy underbelly of gladiatorial games and genetic engineering. Finn, in desperation, ramps up the firepower as the Weapons of Choice hit their next level, with Battle Armour to match.

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Alien ReBirth: Weapons of Choice Book 5

Out Now at $3.99 or £3.99. Always free on Kindle Unlimited.

$12.99 or £12.99 in paperback

How wrong can you be?

Just when Delta Squad think they've found a quiet solar system to pass on through, a new alien threat raises its tentacles. While battling slaved machines and the dead remnants of old allies, revelations about Yasuko's past threaten to tear the squad apart.

As Delta begin to understand the true enormity of the alien's disdain for life, they are forced into desperate measures, the weapons of choice taking on a new role, one that will change them for ever.

Humans - they are back on the menu.

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Invasive Species: Weapons of Choice Book 6

Out Now at $3.99 or £3.99.  

Always free on Kindle Unlimited.

$12.99 or £12.99 in paperback

When a planet rejects humanity, and humanity rejects each other, what is left behind?

In the sixth book of the Weapons of Choice Series, Delta Squad reach a planet laid waste by humanity. Ravaged by nuclear war and disease, plagued by paranoia, they cling on to survival, trying to rewild a world fights back.

Amid the chaos, Zuri and Finn try to hold squad together, with fractures deepening and political pressure building, they face working alongside traitors, killers and political enemies to save a people they deeply mistrust, one that would commit genocide to save their own skins.

And just when they thought things couldn't get worse, the sea begins to sing.

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Legion Earth: Weapons of Choice Book 7

Out Now at $3.99 or £3.99. Always free on Kindle Unlimited.

$12.99 or £12.99 in paperback

A squad of cloned Space Commandos. An ancient enemy bent on revenge. A starving horde looking for a planet to ravage. Not just your average day in the army.

Putting aside their mission to return Zzind home, Echo Squad, the data copies of Delta, encounter the ancient S’lgarr as he absorbs his disembodied brothers starving between the Nodes. Landing on Earth, the alien causes panic among governments already on the brink of war, and the world tumbles into a crisis with humanity’s very existence on the brink.

When death calls, who guards your back?

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Nemesis Earth: Weapons of Choice Book 8

Released 24th January. Preorder now at $5.99 or £5.99. Always free on Kindle Unlimited.

$19.99 or £18.99 in paperback

One squad ravaged by hopelessness, the other crippled by guilt. As the world faces its nemesis, who will stand for humanity?
The End is Coming – Are You Ready?

In this double-sized finale to the Weapons of Choice Series, Delta leave Echo behind to defend Earth as they head out of the Solar System in search of a weapon ‒ a final spark of hope against S’lgarr and his brothers as they subjugate humankind for food.

As the ante rises, and humanity’s future in the balance, they realise the end is coming ‒ who will survive?
Intense? You’ve read nothing like it.

Nick Snape 4_.jpg

Who Is Nick Snape?

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The Official Notes

Nick Snape has been steeped in Science Fiction and Fantasy since his friends first dragged him from his schoolwork and stuck a book under his nose. Lost to the world of imagination he became a teacher by accident though he thoroughly enjoyed developing the joy of reading and writing in his pupils. Having retired after thirty years he thought it was high time to practise what he preached.

The Unofficial Notes

If you're really desperate to know more I was a Primary School teacher (or Elementary School) mostly working with the youngest children. I just love their honesty, and yes, I am bald, as they told me every single day. I later became a headteacher (principal) with the core objective of making my pupils' lives and education as worthwhile as possible.  When I say ALL children, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Every child deserves the best we can provide. This included starting up a specialist support provision for Autistic children as well as emphasising the joy of learning from a very young age. Having completed thirteen amazing years in that role, working with a wide range of neurodiverse children on the way, I decided I wanted to go in a new direction. Having always had a passion for reading and especially telling stories, well, why not be an author? Well at least one person did the honour of paying to read my book, so I can now use that word. Whoever that first person was, I thank you. Why not a children’s author I hear you ask?  Well, I don't know. Maybe I just want to write what I enjoy reading when I need to switch off. Stories are an escape, and perhaps I need to escape when I write them?


 What else is there to tell? Erm, well, I fall off my mountain bike a lot, and I mean a lot. I love walking, usually after having broken the bike, but sometimes  for fun too. I love Sci-Fi films but don't ask me to list my favourites, those arguments can go on for hours. Let's just say cancelling Firefly was a travesty I haven't recovered from.  Oh, and I have some great friends who have kept me sane (stop laughing) over these last few years of madness we have all suffered. That's it.


I hope you enjoy my book (and if I'm really lucky books) and thank you for taking the time to be interested. I aim to make this series as much about the characters as the action.  If you want to let me know how well I did that, well there's always the review link below.  A few words would help a new author get his feet off the ground and in to space. But no worries if not. Thank you for reading.

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Lance Corporal Zuri Zuberi

"Me and mine, we survive."

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