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Weapons of Choice Series

Military Sci-Fi Thriller

Delta Squad's Story

Propelled at a blistering pace into strange solar systems desperate for warriors, liberators, and their newly acquired alien technology, Delta Squad evolve from modern-day soldiers into full-fledged Space Marines.

From the forests of Scotland to the stars, they walk the fine line between self-sacrifice and vengeance, with the help of an alien ship and its Artificial Intelligence on a personal journey of their own.

The Weapons of Choice Series explores rich themes of ethical intervention, genetic manipulation, and moral courage, set against a diverse background of political impotence and pitiless alien lifeforms who see humans as food or tools to manipulate.

Read the enthralling series that reviewers have described as ‘superlative’, ‘compelling’ and ‘an outstanding piece of sci-fi story telling’.

It may be ‘eccentric, creative, and thought-provoking’ and ‘rich in character development’, but it’s also one heck of a ride.

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