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The Scorching

This series will constitute three standalone books exploring a near future Earth after climate change culminates in an event known as The Scorching - one that ravages the equatorial belt and heats the entire planet. An insectoid alien race, the Drathken, offer their help and the books explore the impact of humanity's wide-ranging and desperate response as the world spirals into fear-filled factions.

Just Press Play-Book One

This standalone book follows Joshua Nkosi as he, his wit and his MARC unit attempt to find their way in a devasted world. As a URF sea-cop, he guards the polymetallics needed to fuel the Drathken's attempts to save the planet. However, when terrorists steal the precious resource, Nkosi is thrust into a chase to that takes him into the heart of the Burnout Zone. What he finds there takes him on a dark journey of discovery.


'staggeringly original and timely release from a masterful voice in modern sci-fi.'

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Editorial Review

'Flipping the paradigm of human domination on its head, The Scorching by Nick Snape is an inventive new sci-fi series that reimagines survival for our species, carving its own niche in a hugely entertaining mash-up of post-apocalyptic, alien invasion, and climate fiction. The titular apocalyptic event has driven humans underground and under the sea, even as a newly arrived alien force delivers potential salvation on an overheated planet. With genetic modification, mind control, conspiratorial rebellions, and a powerful undercurrent of savage social critique, this opening of a new trilogy is a staggeringly original and timely release from a masterful voice in modern sci-fi.'

 ★★★★★  SPR

All About Nick Snape

Nick Snape has been steeped in Science Fiction and Fantasy since his friends first dragged him from his schoolwork and stuck a book under his nose. Lost to the world of imagination he became a teacher by accident, though he thoroughly enjoyed developing the joy of reading and writing in his pupils. Having retired after thirty years he thought it was high time to practise what he preached.

The Unofficial Notes

If you're really desperate to know more I was a Primary School teacher (or Elementary School) mostly working with the youngest children. I just love their honesty, and yes, I am bald, as they told me every single day. I later became a headteacher (principal) with the core objective of making my pupils' lives and education as worthwhile as possible.  When I say ALL children, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Every child deserves the best we can provide. This included starting up a specialist support provision for Autistic children as well as emphasising the joy of learning from a very young age. Having completed thirteen amazing years in that role, working with a wide range of neurodiverse children on the way, I decided I wanted to go in a new direction. Having always had a passion for reading and especially telling stories, well, why not be an author? Well at least one person did the honour of paying to read my book, so I can now use that word. Whoever that first person was, I thank you. Why not a children’s author I hear you ask?  Well, I don't know. Maybe I just want to write what I enjoy reading when I need to switch off. Stories are an escape, and perhaps I need to escape when I write them?


What else is there to tell? Erm, well, I fall off my mountain bike a lot, and I mean a lot. I love walking, usually after having broken the bike, but sometimes  for fun too. I love Sci-Fi films but don't ask me to list my favourites, those arguments can go on for hours. Let's just say cancelling Firefly was a travesty I haven't recovered from.  Oh, and I have some great friends who have kept me sane (stop laughing) over these last few years of madness we have all suffered. That's it.


I hope you enjoy my book (and if I'm really lucky books) and thank you for taking the time to be interested. I aim to make this series as much about the characters as the action.  If you want to let me know how well I did that, well there's always the review links.  A few words would help a new author get his feet off the ground and in to space. But no worries if not. Thank you for reading.

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