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Warriors of Spirit and Bone

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A Dragon of the Veil

In a realm once devoid of magic, the fate of a people rests with Laoch and Sura, and the Gods’ weapons they bear ‒ a thousand years of faith and lies reconciled in a single moment of hope and redemption. With whispers of an ancient evil’s return, they are left reeling by their enemy’s power, one even the Gods’ weapons fear. For cast in iron and spiritfire - here be dragons.

'a riveting start to a new fantasy series from an undeniably skilled storyteller'

Editorial Review

'Introducing an elaborate new world of wicked queens, wyrms, and unlikely antiheroes, A Dragon of the Veil by Nick Snape is a classic genre escape that artfully mixes elements of arcanepunk and high fantasy. In a world where the entrenched forces of tradition and religion are being strengthened by ominously familiar science and technology, a Queen hopes to finally eliminate the bastions of Unbelievers with a devastating new weapon. A once-heroic washout of a warrior is given a final chance at heroism to save his realm and the dragons who call it home, only to find that loyalties and morality are not always aligned. Bound together with lavish descriptive language and a patiently unfurled plot, this is a riveting start to a new fantasy series from an undeniably skilled storyteller, who shows impressive flexibility as a writer with this fully realized work of fantasy, which matches the astounding scope of his previous science fiction series.'

★★★★★ SPR

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Warriors of Spirit and Bone

The Constructors gain word of Brandshold, its worship of the Seven and vilification of dragons. The soul-eaters are hungry and seek a Spirit Walker to guide them there. Laoch and Sura hunt for a weapon to use against the Constructors, only to discover they hide a secret far more threatening than they first thought. For cast in iron and spiritfire-here be dragons. 

A Little Bit About Me

Nick Snape has been steeped in Science Fiction and Fantasy since his friends first dragged him from his schoolwork and stuck a book under his nose. Lost to the world of imagination he became a teacher by accident though he thoroughly enjoyed developing the joy of reading and writing in his pupils. Having retired after thirty years he thought it was high time to practise what he preached.

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