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ARC Readers Wanted

The Scorching: Just Press Play

ARC readers receive an Advanced Reader Epub Copy of the book by a bookfunnel link. This can be read on any device. In return, the author asks for you to consider leaving a review of the book on Goodreads, Amazon, etc.

The Scorching is a scifi novel - a post-apoclayptic, alien invasion and climate thriller mash-up with dark undertones, so before signing up consider whether this is in your interest. It is told from a first person point of view so you become embroiled in the character and his MARC Unit - that's a Multi-Terrain, All-Purpose Recovery Cephalopod.  Themes of modding animals run throughout the book though none are graphic.  Sign up below.

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ARC Readers Wanted

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Back Cover Blurb

A dying world, a terrorist uprising, and standing between humanity’s last hope and the end of the world is one cop, his sardonic humour and a modded partner.

On an Earth devastated by The Scorching climate event, the Drathken land their giant plantships with the promise of healing the planet. Joshua Nkosi, a sea-cop, vlogs and jokes his way through an easy life guarding a deep-sea mining operation while watching old vids. That is, until he and his tentacled MARC Unit get caught up in a plot to steal radiation rich materials from the seabed, fuelling the terrorists’ plan to destroy a Drathken plantship, and ultimately end the alien/human alliance.

Nkosi and MARC are forced to enter the Burnout Zone, and with the clock ticking, come face to face with humanity’s stark future when the hunt for the terrorist’s lab takes a devastating twist of fate. Temperatures soar, and conspiracies deepen as Nkosi forges into a dark journey of discovery—one humanity desperately needs to listen to.

The planet is pleading for help, but who is there left to listen?

“…staggeringly original and timely release from a masterful voice in modern sci-fi.” SPR Review

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